A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Holly is content with her life. Living in a small beach town for her whole life is fine with her. She doesn't like change.

Lilly, her best friend, is the opposite. No one knows how much she hates the small town life. She wants to leave Stowell Bay, go on big adventures and fight monsters. She wants to live her own life.

One night, Lilly convinces Holly to fight monsters in the forest with her. That night, she learns about Holly's distaste for fighting.

The next morning, Lilly is gone. She's nowhere in town. Holly and her two best friends, Lucas and Nathan, decide to journey around their region of Aeradith in search of Lilly. Along the way, they must explore many towns, vast landscapes, fight strong monsters and brave harsh dungeons. Are you prepared to go on this journey?

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file.


DtRH.exe (256 MB)
for playtesters.odt (18 kB)


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Hey, everyone who's played the demo! Thank you so much for playing, it means a lot. Sorry about all the bugs + glitches in the current demo, I'm working on fixing it. :0

I just finished playing the demo and I loved it!! Something I couldn't help but wonder.. was Lucas a reference to a VLD character?(if so, I started freaking out when I read his bear's name xD) I can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for playing! And yeah, his bear was a reference XD I plan on sneaking quite a lot of references in, so watch out for them in the full version (or a second demo?? :0 ) Thanks again for playing!